Black Widow Prevention

Black widows are one of the few venomous spiders in Arlington. They can often be found in or under objects where you can’t see them. If you have seen black widows around your property, it is recommended that while performing activities where they cannot see where their hands are being placed (such as lifting boards or firewood, or reaching into storage boxes) should wear gloves to prevent being bitten by a hidden it. Also, clothing should be checked before wearing–especially if unused for a considerable time–as a spider may have taken up residence within it.

Spider Removal: Black Widow

Three widow species are native to the Arlington, Texas area.

Southern Black Widow: This type of widow is the most common species of widow. This is the widow spider that most often comes to mind when people picture a widow spider. It is a glossy jet black all over, including its legs. It has bright red marks red that resemble an hourglass mark on the underside of its abdomen, it also has a red spot just behind and above the spinnerets. This type of widow can be found all throughout Texas.

Northern Black Widow: This species is similar to the southern black widow, but instead of an hourglass it has two bright red dots and a bright red line underneath of them. The web of the northern black widow is usually a large tangled mass which is generally found at the tip of a low tree branch.

Brown Widow: The brown widow colored in a gradient with black brown and white, and has an orange hourglass marking on the underside of the abdomen. The Brown Widows legs are banded, in black stripes. Its back often has a row of white spots (rarely they will be orange or light blue), and there are a few white stripes on each side. Some darker colored Brown Widows lack these markings and are difficult to distinguish from black widows.  They can sometimes be identified by their egg sac if it is present. Brown Widow egg sacs are tan, spherical, and have many small tufts of silk sticking out from them, while the other widows make white, smooth egg sacs tending to be pear-shaped.

The Brown Widow tends to be extremely timid and bites are extremely rare. The Brown Widow appears to be the most human-adapted of the species occurring in Texas. They like to live inside houses and other man-made structures (e.g., barns, fences, guard rails, bridges). The Brown Widow reproduces frequently and spreads rapidly, which makes them very hard to control.

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